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We've worked with Alex in the purchase of our new home and the sales of our old house. On the purchase of the new house, Alex helped us to negotiate a much better price than we thought was possible with the builder, saving us tens of thousands of dollars.

With the sales of our old house, which is currently on the market, Alex has been very responsive to our requests for changes to the sales material. He follows up with each lead and keeps us informed of the progress on the house as well as changes in the market.

We've found Alex to be extremely well-organized, knowledgeable, courteous and full of energy. He is easily one of the best agents that we have worked with.

Andrew & Min Huang

Dear Alex,
I just wanted to thank you for the outstanding job you did in helping me find my house - I love this house! I appreciate the patience you showed me as a first time buyer and all the explanation you gave me on how things work and what i should beware of. Thanks also for not pressuring me on anything during this whole process. Your honest, straight-shooter approach in helping me find what i was looking for was much appre!
ciated. I am convinced that the time you took upfront to understand what i really wanted combined with your due diligence research on the available properties spared us both much wasted time. I know that many realtors lack integrity and do what is best for them rather than the person they represent, and I must say how pleasantly surprised I was to find a realtor with integrity that worked for me and my interests. Thanks again for everything Alex -- you did a fantastic job and i will gladly recommend you to any of my friends who need a realtor!

Rob Monk

With our home in Indiana on the market, Alex very efficiently steered us through a whirlwind trip to look at what was available in a rather tight housing market in Austin. He provided an impressive list of homes within our desired price range, neighborhood type and location, and style. We appreciated his dedication and patience while he shuttled us around town during our limited loo! king time.

Alex was especially helpful in keeping on top of the sale while we were back in Indiana. He was very organized with all of the paperwork and details necessary to complete the process from out of town.

We recommend Alex to friends and family alike.
Shaun & Rachel Venish

My wife and I were ready to buy our first house when my brother recommended Alex to us. We were unsure of how the process worked and were worried that we would be lost in a sea of procedure, strange terms and paperwork. Fortunately, in our first meeting with Alex, he put us at ease and patiently answered all of our questions so that we were no longer intimidated by shopping for our new home. Alex, immediately came up with a list of houses that matched our needs as well as our budget and within three days we put an offer in on the house that we eventually purchased. Alex, was there with us through the whole process taking care of all the issues that come along with purchasing a house and freeing up our tim!
e so that we could take of our business. We will use Alex again if we purchase another home in the Austin area.

John D. Robinson

After my wife became pregnant with our first child, we decided our one bedroom apartment was probably not going to be big enough. A coworker of mine, Alex Okpisz, was also in the real estate business. He kept bringing us potential houses that met our location and money requirements. He eventually hit a home run; we found a wonderful three bedroom house with a big back yard, only minutes away from work. I was so pleased with how it went that I recommended him to both my brother and sister. They also bought houses through Alex. The best part was that Alex was very professional and worked exactly the way that was best for us (low pressure, lots of options, quick turnaround).

Eventually we decided that after 3 years, we wanted a little larger house. We found the house of our dreams and then called Alex. He had ou! r current house under contract within 3 days and helpd us navigate the complex maze of buying a newly built house. It couldn't have gone any smoother. I can whole heartedly recommend Alex to anyone who is looking to buy a new or used house. You'll be quite pleased!

-Stephen & Ricki Robinson

Alexander Okpisz provided Realtor services for me during the period of July 2001 to April 2002 at which time I closed on the house in Davis Springs, Austin TX.

I feel the service and expertise Alex provided was unparalleled by any other realtor I had experience with or came into contact with during the last year nor during the purchase of my first home in Austin, 10 years ago. Alex demonstrated excellent technical and market prowess in Austin in more than one major area, an excellent bonus since both my requirements and price point changed several times during the months Alex previewed over 150 houses for me. His willingness to pre-scan and as! ses properties on his own time saved a great deal of my own time and added to the overall value-add and satisfaction his services afforded me. In addition, his ability to provide an accurate market assessment of real estate is amazing and helped to eliminate almost all pricing surprises.

In addition to his professional demeanor and abilities, Alexs personality, compassion, and care were a genuine treat since I was anxious, disappointed, and tense more than once; I was embarking on the single biggest purchase of my lifetime in a city and market climate which proved more difficult than I had anticipated. Knowing Alex truly had my best interests at hand and was not simply looking for a quick sale provided comfort and support I definitely valued during the course of my many house-hunting days.

Alex is a man of skill, integrity, and care; I highly recommend him for any real estate service you may be considering him for.

Walt Kowalski

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