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Step 1: Needs Analysis

Congratulations on your decision to purchase a new home!

Your first step toward buying your new home will be to analyze your needs. What do you want your new home to look like and how should it function for you?

To begin, write down why you are looking for a new home. Are you currently renting and would like to begin building equity? Are you recently married or have outgrown your current residence? Or, did you just receive a promotion requiring you to move to a new location? These questions are examples to help you understand why you are looking for a new home.

Next, we will establish a time frame for buying your home. We can help you with a timeline which depends on your reasons for wanting a new home and the current state of the market.

Finally, write down the ideas and features that form the mental picture of your house. It is very important to write these ideas down to avoid any ambig! uity later in your home search. You should make at least two lists: one will be a list describing your dream home and the second will list the features of the home that are an absolute must in order to buy it. In a perfect world, your new home would fulfill both lists 100 percent. It is more likely that we will blend the two lists into a schedule of prioritized items as we progress through the buying process. This is a natural and evolutionary process that will help you envision what you want and what is available.

The Somerset Alliance L.L.C. will be able to help you organize your wants and needs and then assist you in realizing how your wants and needs will fit into your home purchase plan. We will be able to help your family find that home which will meet your needs.

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